MetaDerby Whitepaper
Last updated: 6 May, 2022

Whitepaper Updates:

  1. 1.
    Minor change in free-to-play starter horse rules;
  2. 2.
    Added Death Racing modes;
Last updated on 2022/6/27


A Gift to All the Web3 Horse Racing Enthusiasts:
We’re MetaDerby.
We’re the first free-to-play-and-earn horse racing game in the metaverse, and the first horse racing game on Avalanche.
We’re students of horse racing history, from the triumphant reigns of Man o’ War and Secretariat, to the unlikely victory by Rich Strike in the 2022 Kentucky Derby. In the era of Web 3.0, horse racing is no longer a game for the privileged, but a game for everyone.
MetaDerby is free-to-play, and play-to-earn, with: Races Tournaments Race Rewards Leveling Systems Breeding NFT Trading Metaverse Features And so much more…
We run two tokens, $DBY and $HOOF:
$HOOF? Gaming token. Race fees, race rewards, mystery box purchases, breeding fees, and materials purchases for farm lands and race courses.
$DBY? Governance token. NFT trades, staking rewards, gaming governance, and metaverse land purchases.
Our NFT Marketplace is live and thriving with hundreds of racehorse NFTs listed and hundreds bought and sold. Ready to race? Visit, buy your racehorse NFT and start racing.
Take advantage of this HUGE offer we have for you.
You know horse racing, you know the metaverse, you know GameFi and you know Web3. You are the horse racing elite. You excel at what you do, it’s in your blood. Like the legendary Secretariat and Man o’ War…it’s what you do.
A Gift to horse-racing game players, From MetaDerby
We’re airdropping a free, full-access MetaDerby racehorse NFT to players from ZedRun, Pegaxy and Derace! These racehorse NFTs will be able to race, win daily rewards, level up and compete with other horses.t rade on the NFT Marketplace, and enjoy all current features in the MetaDerby game.
To check your eligibility and claim your MetaDerby racehorse NFT:
Go to Submit your email address (link) Follow @metaderby on Twitter Retweet the announcement (link) Join our Discord (
To our metaverse horse racing elites: Do not miss this opportunity!
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