Death Racing

In the high-risk high-reward Death Racing Mode, players who finish in top positions will obtain grand rewards and great glory, while others will get burned and end their story in the DerbyVerse. This is the opportunity for the best players to vie against each other!

There will be races scheduled throughout the day and you may sign up, up to 5 minute before the start of the race. In each race, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 horses will join to compete with one another. If by that time there is only 1 horse signed up, it will be automatically registered for the next race.

The rewards would be different depending on the number of horses in each race, please see the following table for details:

How to Death Race?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Connect your wallet for payment of entry fee (in $HOOF)

Step 3: Click ‘PICK’ above the Gates to select your horse for the Death Race

Step 4: Select a horse and click 'PICK'

Step 5: Confirm your selection. WARNING! Low-performing horses will be burned!

Step 6: Confirm the payment and wait for the race to begin!

Either you out-perform and survive or your horse gets burned and receive a 5% coupon code for purchase of mystery box. Small prize for a costly defeat or a big prize for the podium.

Glory comes with gore, and racing to the death may be its destiny. A true race horse is unafraid of death and will seek to prove itself through hundreds and thousands of races.

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