Horse Characteristics

The following characteristics (including Class System, Matchmaking Rating and Genotype)do not apply to the free horses, please see 'Free Horse' section for a complete guide of the free horses.

Class System and Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

In MetaDerby, we are aiming to create a unique growing journey for each of the horses to provide a sense of achievement for our players.
Each horse begins its journey with a class of 5 except the free horse. The only way to upgrade your horse to a new class is through increasing Matchmaking Rating (MMR) from the race. A MMR is an indicator of the past performance of the horse in the races, with a higher MMR suggesting a better overall performance of the horse (You should be proud of it!).
The initial MMR for each horse is 0. It will be shown as 'point' for better understanding. After each race, your MMR will be updated according to the following rules:
Ranking Result of the Race
MMR Change
We believe each horse is capable of something! So there won’t be any negative MMR attached to the horse, the lowest MMR a horse can have is 0. If a horse is being sold to a new owner, its underlying MMR will also be transferred, saving the new owner a bunch of racing time to upgrade the horse.
According to MMR, the horse can be divided into the following classes:
MMR Range
0 ~ 300 MMR
300 ~ 750 MMR
750 ~1200 MMR
1200 ~1550 MMR
Above 1550 MMR
Your horse will only be matched to compete with horses in the same class. The entry fees, prize pools and daily reward will also be different based on the class your horse is in. You can check here for more details.


Now it’s time to introduce you to another important characteristic of the horses in the Derby Verse: Genotype. Genotype is one of the determining factors of the horse's performance in a race. Every horse consists of four Genotypes: BloodLine, Acceleration (Gene X), Aggressiveness (Gene Y) and Sprint Speed (Gene Z), where each Genotype represents an underlying ability of the horse.
Underlying Ability
Horses’ endurance throughout the whole race
  • Man O’War
  • Standardbreds
  • Citation
  • Count Fleet
Sprint Speed(GeneZ)
Horses’ sprint stage power
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Elite
  • Rare
  • Pacer
Acceleration(Gene X)
Horses’ early stage power
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Elite
  • Rare
  • Pacer
Horses’ random stage power
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Elite
  • Rare
  • Pacer
For example, this horse has a BloodLine of Citation, an Acceleration of Elite, an Aggressiveness of Pacer and a Sprint Speed of Rare.
Do you know that the categories of the BloodLine comes from four of the most famous horses in the American horse racing history: Man O’War, Secretariat, Citation and Count Fleet.