OG Membership Pass - LFGLoot


Inspired by the Loot project, we launched an #LFGloot NFT collection with plain texts and emoji before the MetaDerby free-to-play game is officially live.
The LFGLoot NFT represents the OG membership pass to the game, and the owners retain multiple in-game benefits.
LFGLoot NFT is a limited collection of 4,999 randomly generated NFTs, and each NFT includes the elements of the MetaDerby gameplay.
Mint Date
  • Whitelist Mint : 1st Mar 2022, 1pm UTC
  • Public Mint : 2nd Mar 2022, 2pm UTC
Website LFGLoot mint ended on 14th March. You can buy the LFGLoot NFT on OpenSea.
Smart contract
Benefits /Utilities
All NFT holders can access multiple benefits in the MetaDerby universe, including a NFT mystery box consisting of an equipped horse, potential token airdrops, access to exclusive MetaDerby Discord membership channel, and whitelisting access to future in-game assets sales.

How to get an equipped horse with an LFGLoot NFT?

When the beta version goes live, the LFGLoot holders can go to the MetaDerby website, connect their ERC-20 wallet to verify, and mint a mystery box of an equipped horse.


DerbyTickets are a limited collection of 1000 MetaDerby NFTs on Avalanche. DerbyTickets grant their owners an access to the MetaDerby beta game and a mystery Box with a race horse inside.
The DerbyTickets minting took place on April 12 and April 13. Due to a front run incident prior to the public minting, there are two DerbyTickets smart contracts and 1322 DerbyTicket NFTs in total.
  • Smart contract 1: 0x9ECb5Cb22A5A5BE99C0A93d4a8339Ac069FE6394
  • Smart contract 2: 0x0AdD5031D8Bbf5E74D24d9099156d94eE119A20C
You can trade DerbyTickets on Kalao and NFTrade now.

NFT Trading - Horse

There are three major ways to get a horse NFT to play MetaDerby :

1. Airdrop

2. Mystery Box Sales

We will introduce mystery boxes which include NFT horses of various rarity in our NFT marketplace. Players will be able to access racehorses of higher classes and initial scores in order to improve performance in horse races and receive more daily rewards.
There will be a limited number of mystery boxes for each round sale on a first-come-first-served basis.
Token to Purchase
Where to Buy
MetaDerby marketplace
Types of Mystery Box
  • Common Box
  • Legendary Box
Common Box
4800 HOOF
Legendary Box
10560 HOOF*
*There is a 10% price increase for every 500 legendary boxes sold out.
Phase 1: 1-500 legendary boxes (Price: 9600 HOOF)
Phase 2: 501-1000 legendary boxes (Price: 960010%=10,560 HOOF)
Phase 3: 1001-1500 legendary boxes (Price: 10,56010%=11,616 HOOF) ……and so on
If breeding system is launched, there will be a price increase of 10% for every 200 legendary boxes. The cap of legendary box price will be 20,000 HOOF.

3. Direct Trades in Secondary NFT Marketplaces

Horse trading is a more direct way to enter horse racing or gain profits in the game. Players can buy and sell horses in the MetaDerby marketplace or any other NFT marketplace.
Sellers can list their horses at a specific price in the coins they prefer (DBY, HOOF, or the native blockchain token) ; buyers can browse the listed horses in a marketplace and place orders to buy their preferred horses.
Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, the ownership of a NFT horse will be transferred to the buyer’s connected wallet, and the seller will receive the corresponding tokens.

NFT - Land Purchase and Construction

Aside from gaming, MetaDerby will create a universe for players to generate value via buying their own lands and building on their lands.
There will be two types of lands in the MetaDerby-verse, farmland and race course. Players will start from buying lands with DBY tokens at the NFT marketplace.


Players will be able to buy a piece of farmland with DBY in the in-game marketplace, and create unique NFT horses to attend horse races or sell at an NFT marketplace.
Creating a race horse takes five components: a) horse model; b) bloodline potion; c) acceleration potion; d) aggressiveness potion; e) sprint speed. Below are how players can create their race horses:
  • Step 1: Enter [Wallet] on top of the MetaDerby homepage, click on your farmland to enter it.
  • Step 2: Find backpack, studio, training field and materials markets.
  • Step 3: In the materials market, select materials for making your horses including potions for various horse attributes, horseshoes, saddles and so on. You will need to pay for all the materials in HOOF.
  • Step 4: Make your horse model with your materials in the studio.
  • Step 5: When an NFT horse is created, you can send your horse to a training field and train a qualified race horse.
  • Step 6: You will find new customized NFT horses ready for racing, or you can directly sell the unique horses in the NFT marketplace.

Race Course Land

Players will be able to buy a piece of race course land with DBY in the in-game marketplace, build their unique race course to host races to obtain DBY or HOOF token. Players can set up the entry fees, prize allocation and rules by themselves. Below are how players can build their race courses:
  • Step 1: Enter [Wallet] on top of the MetaDerby homepage, click on your race course land to enter it.
  • Step 2: Find backpack, studio, training field, control center and materials markets.
  • Step 3: Select and purchase construction materials. You will need to pay for all the materials in HOOF.
  • Step 4: Make your racecourse with your materials in the studio.
  • Step 5: When a racecourse is completed, you can enter the control center and set up your race game including course length, time, prize pools, entry fees, participating horses, etc.
  • Step 6: When your race is live, you can find it at [Race].

DerbyTicket & LFGLoot Redemption Q&A

  • How can I redeem my horse?
    For LFGLoot holders, please visit
    For DerbyTicket holders, please visit
    For more information, please visit our beta game guide.
  • Is there a valid time period for redemption?
    DerbyTicket redemption is always open. Please note that your DerbyTicket will be burned in exchange for a race horse.
  • What if I do not redeem my DerbyTicket?
    You can keep your DerbyTickets or trade them in various NFT marketplaces. But please note that you will not be able to get a racehorse for free if you do not redeem your DerbyTickets. DerbyTicket 1 contract address: 0x9ecb5cb22a5a5be99c0a93d4a8339ac069fe6394 DerbyTicket 2 contract address: 0x0add5031d8bbf5e74d24d9099156d94ee119a20c
  • Where can I buy a DerbyTicket?
    You can buy DerbyTickets at Kalao or NFTrade.
  • What type of race horse can I get with a DerbyTicket?
    You will receive a Mystery Box containing an equipped race horse. You will only know the horse attributes when you open the Mystery Box. Mystery Boxes will be sold at 4800 HOOF when the official game is live.
  • What is the difference between an LFGLoot race horse and a DerbyTicket race horse?
    In general, an LFGLoot horse is better than a DerbyTicket horse by attributes, but the strength of your horse is ultimately due to chance.