Starter Horse

We would like to give everyone a fair chance to join in the DerbyVerse! Therefore, we offer a FREE Starter Horse for everyone upon completion of a series of tasks.

In this section, we will walk you through how you may be able to obtain the horse and what you will be expecting to see once you own a Starter Horse.

Obtain your Starter Horse

Step 1: Connect your wallet to the MetaDerby website.

Step 2: Post on Twitter for verification.

Step 3: Follow MetaDerby Twitter account.

Step 4: Join the MetaDerby Discord Server.

Step 5: Enter your email address.

Once you finished the above steps, we will airdrop you a FREE in-game starter horse for you to explore the DerbyVerse.

Race your Starter Horse

Just like other horses, a starter horse can participate in up to 10 races per day. The entry fee for each race is 10 HOOF. In each race, a total of 12 Starter Horses will compete against each other in a single race. To maintain the integrity of the race, MetaDerby team DO NOT charge any commission. That is to say, 100% of the entry fees will be given back to the top-performing players.

Wait... are you still hesitating? We decided to change the race to a positive EV (Expected Value) game by adding a random amount of HOOF tokens (ranging between 4 ~ 200 HOOF) to the total amount of prize of each race. In other words, the original prize amount of each race is 10 * 12 = 120 HOOF, now with the MetaDerby input, it will become 124 ~ 320 HOOF. Isn't that exciting?

Coupon Gift

The maximum race each starter horse can have is 50. Once you have reached this limit, we will be airdropping you with a 10% coupon discount to purchase a mystery box in our marketplace. This would grant you the opportunity to unlock additional rewards through daily racing. You will also be able to increase your class level to participate in tournaments which will reward greater prizes to the top players with the additional tokens from the MetaDerby team.

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