There are two major tokens in the MetaDerby universe, a utility token named HOOF and a governance token named DBY.


Avalanche C-Chain Token Address: 0xe0bb6fed446a2dbb27f84d3c27c4ed8ea7603366

HOOF serves as the fundamental gas in MetaDerby and has unlimited supply. HOOF’s use cases include:

  • Entry fees to attend horse races

  • Entry fees to stables by male horses

  • Breeding fees for male horses

  • Mystery box purchase

  • Materials purchase and constructions for farm lands and race courses

In the game play, users can obtain HOOF via the following ways:

  • Become the Top 3 in a horse race

  • Host a horse race


Avalanche C-Chain Token Address: 0x5085434227ab73151fad2de546210cbc8663df96

Derby (DBY) is the governance token in MetaDerby and has a total supply of 1,000,000,000. DBY’s use cases include:

  • Metaverse land purchase

  • Liquidity provision

  • Gaming governance

DBY holders will be able to participate in the decision-making process and vote on key matters relating to the development and future direction of the MetaDerby-verse when the community becomes mature.

Players may receive DBY by selling horses, participating in the weekly tournaments or breeding by a male horse.

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