Mini Game

The horse prediction game is a new type of minigame developed by the Metaderby Team to provide a more interactive style of gameplay for our players.

Upon entering the game, players can view each race's schedule by clicking on View Schedule. There are races happening every 10 minutes and players can select any race they wish to participate in.

Each game consists of 4 horses randomly selected from a pool of 10 horses racing against one another. Before each race, players can view the type of racing track as well as the distance of the track.

They can also view the horses' stats by clicking on Details. At the bottom, players can see the racing history and which horse coming in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

The stats details page will show the horses' speed, intelligence, and energy as well as the number of races won/lost and the winning ratio. Players will be able to make a more informed bet on the race.

Players can bet by selecting the chips and placing them on Bet on top of the horse they wish to bet on. They can see the total amount bet on top of the horse. The payout amount is dependent on the total bets placed across all horses by all players. In this game, the player wins the bet placed by all other players. Assuming the players bet 200 chips on Horse 1 and the total bets placed across all 4 horses are 400, 100, 300, and 400 chips respectively, the player will win 100 + 300 + 400 / (200/400) = 400 chips. 100 + 300 + 400 are the bets placed on the other losing horses. 200/400 is the ratio of the player's bet over the total bets placed on horse 1.

In each race, the player will be able to influence the outcome of the game by speeding up or slowing down any horse. Players can speed up a horse by selecting the horse and pressing Faster repeatedly or slowing down a horse by pressing Slower repeatedly. Players can see the acceleration/deceleration of the horse due to the player’s action in the top left corner.

Players will be able to view and track their overall performance by going into My Record to see their betting history.

Things to note:

  • The Metaderby team will take a 10% commission on all winnings. A portion of the commission will be shared with our ambassadors helping to share the game and the rest will be burned.

  • There must be at least 5 players for each race with bets placed on all 4 horses for the race to start. The race will be abandoned if the requirements are not met within 10 seconds of the race starting.

  • Contribution of race outcome: 5% horse statistics, 15% players' actions, 80% randomness

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